Kildare Estate - Conduct Rules



A - Introduction

1.         Happy and mutually satisfying community living is achieved when Residents use and enjoy their private property as well as the public areas of the Estate, in such a manner that they show respect for the rights of other owners and/or persons lawfully in the Estate, also to use and enjoy our facilities. Compliance with these Rules and the general consideration of all Residents for each other will greatly assist in achieving a happy community.

2.         These Conduct Rules (hereinafter "Rules") have been established by your Directors in terms of the Articles of Association of the Kildare Estates Home Owners Association. They are binding on all Residents. Purchasers and Owners are responsible for ensuring that members of their families, their tenants, employees of any nature, and all invitees comply with these at all times.

3.         In the event of annoyances or complaints, the involved parties should attempt to settle the matter between themselves, exercising tolerance and consideration. In instances where problems cannot be resolved, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Directors or Managing Agent.

4.         In the interpretation of these Rules, the decision of the Directors is final and binding.

5.         Wherever used in these Rules, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings:

            5.1       ‘Estate’ shall mean the entire township of Kildare Estates and which falls under the authority of the Homeowners   Association.

            5.2       ‘HOA’ shall mean the Kildare Estates Homeowners Association, an Association incorporated under Section 21 of the         Companies Act and with registration number 2005/004148/08.

            5.3       ‘EMM’ shall mean the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality or any other local authority substituted therefore and having municipal jurisdiction over the Estate.

            5.4       ‘Owner’ shall mean the owner of any land, erf or cluster unit in the Estate and as reflected on the Title Deed therefore;

            5.5       ‘Resident’ shall mean the owner or occupant from time to time of any property or unit within the area of the Estate and            shall include, where appropriate, any other persons lawfully on the Estate at the invitation of a Resident;

            5.6       ‘Directors’ shall mean the Directors of the HOA appointed from time to time in terms of the Articles of Association of the   Kildare Estates Homeowners Association; and

6.         Please note that should any Rule herein conflict with any provision of the Articles of Association of the HOA, such Article of Association shall take precedence.

7.         The Directors of the HOA and the HOA in a General Meeting are entitled, in terms of the Articles of Association, to vary or modify these Rules at any time.

8.         A reference to the singular shall include the plural and a reference to one gender shall include the other.


B - Use of the Streets

The streets of Kildare Estates are for the movement of all Residents, whether by foot, running shoe, roller skate, bicycle, motor cycle, car or otherwise. Note that cars are considered to be part of the street environment but not necessarily the dominating factor.


1.          The Speed limit is restricted to 20km per hour and pedestrians have right of way at all times.

    Motorists are requested to drive with extreme caution at all times and to be particularly alert to the

      presence of pedestrians, in particular children

2.         The Road Traffic Act, Gauteng Road Traffic Ordinance and regulations are applicable, save where further restriction is imposed in terms of these Rules.

3.         Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children do not play in the streets. The streets are not to be used as playgrounds by adults or children and no social gatherings shall take place on the streets without the written consent of the Directors.

4.         Engine powered vehicles are not allowed to be driven anywhere except on the streets of the Estate. Parks and sidewalks are off limits to all engine-powered vehicles.  Only licensed vehicles may be driven in the Estate. Quad bikes are not allowed to be driven in the Estate and motor bikes may only be driven by a licensed driver.

5.          Parking on sidewalks should be avoided and parking on common areas and /or park areas is prohibited. Resident’s are to be parked within the perimeter of their property at all times and may only be parked on driveways, under carports or in garages.  The number of cars for each unit must be consistent with the amount of parking available to that unit. 

6.         No unlicensed vehicles or drivers will be permitted into the Estate.  Resident's cars are to be parked within the perimeter of their property at all    times and may only be parked on driveways, under carports or in garages.  The number of cars for each unit must be consistent with the amount of parking available to that unit. 

7.         Horses are not allowed in the Estate without the prior written consent of the Directors.

The use of any vehicles with noisy exhaust systems is strictly prohibited. Motorcycles, in particular, must be utilized in the Estate with due consideration for the rights of all residents.

9.         The streets will be the property of the HOA. Maintenance of the streets will be the responsibility of the HOA. Special care and precaution should therefore be taken by members and residents in using the streets so as to preserve them and reduce maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.

10.       No loitering is permitted on the streets or pavements and under no circumstances may alcohol be consumed on or in view of the streets or pavements.

11.       Children under the age of 10 may not play in the streets or common areas of the estate unless accompanied by an adult (over the age of 18).  Children over the age of 10 may ride bicycles in the estate but are required to abide by the rules of the road.  Children may not play with balls, loiter or play any other games in the streets or on the pavements of the estate.

C - Good Neighbourliness

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!


1.         No business activity, hobby or other activity which could or would cause aggravation or nuisance to fellow Residents may be conducted, including without limitation thereto auctions and jumble sales. In addition, no person may conduct any business, professional or commercial activity from or on any property within the Estate without:

            1.1       First submitting a written application to the Directors setting out the nature of the business, profession or commercial      activity proposed and obtaining the prior written consent of the HOA; and

            1.2       In such application satisfying the Directors that the terms of the applicable Town Planning Scheme and any regulations    there under as regards home businesses are complied with; and

            1.3       Obtaining the written consent of neighbours and the Directors to the conduct of such business, profession or commercial activity; and

            1.4       Complying with any and all directions or rulings made by the Directors in consideration of such application. The          directions to be given by the Directors may include, but shall not be limited thereto, that the applicant is required to         obtain formal consent from the EMM and may include such conditions as the Directors deem appropriate in the      circumstances.

2.         The sound volume of music and/or electronic instruments shall be maintained at a level so as not to be heard on adjoining properties and no person may allow noise levels on their property to be a nuisance to adjoining or surrounding property owners.  No music may be played out of motor vehicles which is audible to neighbouring properties.

3.         Any noisy activity, including without limitation thereto lawn mowing, may only be performed between the hours of 08h00 - 17h00 (Monday to Friday, from 9h00 to 14h00 on Saturdays and 09h00 to 13h00 on Sundays) and provided no unreasonable noise is made. Electric lawn mowers are preferred.

4.         Washing may only be hung on wash lines screened from the street and neighbours. Washing may not be hung over boundary walls or fences or under carports.

5.         Refuse and refuse bags may not be placed on the sidewalk, nor be visible from the street, except if they will be removed within a period of 1 day. 

6.         No advertisements, publicity material, posters or the like may be exhibited or distributed in the Estate without the prior written consent of the Directors.

7.         All erven/stands shall be kept in a clean and tidy state at all times, the owner thereof being obliged to ensure the regular and prompt mowing thereof and the clearing of any refuse or rubble  thereon.   The panhandles are to be maintained by the owner of the property to which the panhandle belongs.

8.         Owners are to ensure that grass or appropriate ground covering is laid on their stands within 6 months of completion of their unit or within 6 months of purchase of any property within the Estate.

9.         Carports in view of the street and other neighbours are for the sole purpose of parking vehicles and may not be used for entertainment, wash lines or storage.

10.       No fireworks are permitted in the Estates.

11.       Overcrowding of units will not be permitted. No more than 2 persons per bedroom may reside in any unit up to a maximum of 6 persons per unit without the prior consent of the Trustees.

12.       Due to the size of the properties and the lack of parking space and the disturbance to neighbouring properties, no unit may have more than 10 visitors at any one time. No functions may be held in the estate without the prior consent of the Trustees.  Marquees may not be erected in the estate or on individual properties.


D - Ensuring a Pleasing Streetscape

The collective pride of our Estate will depend to a considerable extent on the contribution of every owner in doing his part to create and maintain a neat and pleasing streetscape.


1.         Every owner/resident shall maintain the sidewalk area between the road surface and his property. Every Resident shall at all times, keep such area neat, tidy and in a proper state of repair and shall forthwith report any damage to the curb or pavement, to the managing agent in writing.  No refuse, building material, building rubble or any other unsightly items may be stored or left on the pavements or properties.

2.         Garden walls and palisade fences form part of the streetscape and shall be properly maintained and painted where necessary to the specification laid down by the Directors.

3.          Owners or tenants shall ensure that any bulky items including, without limitation thereto, caravans, trailers, boats, Wendy houses, tool sheds, equipment, tools, engine and vehicle parts, non running motor cars as well as accommodation for pets, should be sited out of public view and screened from neighbouring properties or are not offensive or, in the opinion of the Directors, undesirable.

4.        The installation of sheds / wendy houses are subject to the prior approval of the Trustees. Sheds and / or wendy houses installed on any property are to be made of wood with IBR sheeting roof.  All sheds / wendy houses are to be maintained and are to be in good state of repair.  Wherever possible, wendy houses / sheds should be installed in an area where they are not visible from the street or neighbouring properties.

5.         No building material or refuse of any nature may be dumped on the sidewalks under any circumstances.

6.         No Resident may display any signage of any nature outside their dwelling or property without the prior written consent of the Directors. Residents may however display a name plate which does not exceed 40cm x 20cm in dimension outside their dwelling. All Residents shall ensure that house numbers, which shall be no larger than 20cm x 15cm for each number, are displayed outside the main entrance to their property.

7.         In the event that an owner/resident/occupant should fail to:

7.1       maintain the sidewalk area outside his property; or

7.2       maintain his garden fences/walls; or

7.3       clear any dumping of any nature which has taken place on such sidewalk;

              the Directors may call upon such owner forthwith to remove such items or to remedy such situation, and should such owner fail to do so, the Directors may themselves take such remedial action as is necessary and recover the costs thereof from the owner of such property.

8.         No trees, plants or lawn may be removed from common areas without the permission of the HOA and the Directors.

9.         Every owner / resident shall maintain the unit on their property, which includes but is not limited to, paintwork, carport maintenance and  painting, driveways, boundary wall painting and maintenance, thatches, swimming pools, pergola and patio coverings.  Units are only to be painted in colours as laid down by the Homeowners Association and boundary walls must be painted in the same colour as the primary colour of the unit. Maintenance and painting of panhandle walls are the responsibility of the owner of the property onto which the wall faces.  Maintenance and painting of walls / palisades facing the storm water canal are the responsibility of the property which the wall surrounds. 

10.       Postboxes are the responsibility of the resident of the unit, irrespective of whether mail delivered is for the resident or not.  Postboxes are to be cleared on a regular basis and mail should not be allowed to accumulate.


E - Adhering to Architectural Standards

Building according to approved standards obviates the necessity of making costly changes at a later stage.

1.         All building plans shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with the Articles of Association. These plans must be submitted to the Directors and must be approved in writing by the Directors prior to the commencement of any work and must be accompanied by Municipal approved plans. This applies to any and all additions and alterations to existing structures and to the erection or installation of boundary walls, swimming pool, gazebo, car ports, garages or any other constructed structure. 

2.         All TV aerials and Satellite dishes shall be discretely positioned wherever possible.

3.         External or other lighting shall be designed and installed not to be intrusive or to create a nuisance to other Residents.

4.         Permission is required from the Homeowners Association Before building of all boundary walls and such walls are to comply with guidelines as laid out in the Articles of Association.  No Precast walls are allowed to be erected in the Estate.  Any person building a wall around their property is responsible for plastering and painting both sides of the wall.  All boundary walls must be painted in colours as laid down by the HOA and must be consistent with the paint colour of the unit.

5.         All building alterations are to be completed within a reasonable period of time or as directed by the Homeowners Association in their letter of approval.

6.         All units must be painted in colours as laid down by the HOA.


F - Environmental Management

"The degree of environmental care exercised by a community says much of the level of culture and refinement attained by the said community." (Unknown citizen of Pompei).


1.         No rubble or refuse may be dumped or discarded in any public or common area, including the water runoff area, parks, streets and sidewalk.

2.         Flora may not be damaged in or removed from any public area.

3.         Fauna of any nature may not be chased, trapped or harmed in any manner in any public area by Residents or their pets.

4.         Every owner must ensure that contractors in his employ adhere specifically to the environmental management stipulations of the Conduct Rules.

5.         Residents living opposite street islands shall water the grass or plants on such islands when necessary.

6.         Residents are responsible for maintaining trees, plants and shrubs planted on their sidewalks by the EMM or the HOA.

7.         Residents shall maintain a high standard of garden and pavement maintenance.  Properties are to be free of litter and are to be kept in a neat and tidy condition. 

8.         Residents shall ensure that declared noxious flora are not planted or growing in their gardens and if found, that they are forthwith removed and safely discarded.

9.         The planting of indigenous flora is encouraged and Residents are requested to plan and plant their gardens in accordance with the overall environmental management attitude of the Estate.


G – Security

Every time you break security protocol and regulations, you are making it easier for criminals to do the same.


1.         Our security guards are doing a difficult job, and may not be abused under any circumstances,


2.         Security protocol and procedures at the gate must be adhered to, including without limitation, all access control procedures, contractors' procedures and any other written protocols prescribed from time to time.

3.         Every Resident or Owner, with respect to people in his employ, must conscientiously enforce the ID card system for permanent employees, temporary employees and contractor representatives.

4.         Every Resident must require visitors to adhere to security protocol and procedures.

5.         Every Resident must ensure that contractors in his employ adhere specifically to the security stipulations of the Conduct Rules.

6.         All attempts at burglary or instances of fence jumping must be immediately reported to the security company, the security guards at the gate or one of the Directors.

7.         Security is an "attitude"; be aware that you need to enforce and apply security to make it work. Do not hesitate to question suspicious persons not displaying formal ID cards. NOTE: We advise all Residents to install a home security system which shall be linked to an armed response security company as soon as possible after taking occupation of their homes.

8.         Whilst every effort is made to secure the Estate, neither the HOA nor the Directors nor their employees shall be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person or property arising from any cause whatsoever, including without limitation, the negligence of any of the security personnel, the failure of any security measures or the intentional acts of any agents, employees or appointees.


H - Tenants, Visitors, Contractors and Employees

In the final analysis, the responsibility to enforce the Conduct Rules rests with the Owner.


1.         No person / persons may dwell in any outside building, including but not limited to, wendy houses, garages, caravans, tents or trailers.

2.         Should any owner let his property, he shall advise the HOA in advance and in writing of the name of the Lessee, and the period of such lease. The owner shall inform the Lessee of all Conduct Rules and other Rules, and include a term in the Lease which binds the Lessee to adhere to such Rules and to sign any acknowledgement or documentation reasonably required by the HOA.

3.         The owner of any property within the Estate is liable for the conduct of their household, visitors, contractors, invitees, tenants, agents and employees, and must ensure that such parties adhere to the Conduct Rules.

4          Every Resident must ensure that contractors in his employ have been informed of all Conduct Rules and have signed any acknowledgement or documentation reasonably required by the HOA.


I - Reselling or Letting of Property

The concept of the Estate imposes certain restrictions on the manner in which Estate Agents may operate in the Estate.


1.         Should an owner want to sell his property in the Estate, the owner must ensure that an Agent may only operate on a "By Appointment" basis, must personally accompany prospective buyers, and is not allowed to erect any "For Sale" or "Show House" signage boards or bunting within the Estate save for acceptable signage placed on the sidewalk immediately outside the house, and only between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm on a show day.

2.         The seller must personally ensure that the buyer is informed about and receives a copy of the Conduct Rules and any other administrative regulations applicable at the time of purchase. Failing this, the buyer will only have recourse against the seller.

3.         The seller of a property in the Estate shall ensure that the sale agreement contains the following clauses:

A.         Homeowners Association
The Purchaser acknowledges that he shall upon registration of the property into his name, become a Member of the Kildare Estates Homeowners Association and the Purchaser agrees to be bound to and abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of such Association and the Conduct Rules.

B.         Conditions of Title
The Seller shall be entitled to procure that in addition to all other conditions of title and/or subdivision referred to above, the following conditions of title be inserted in the Deed of Transfer in terms of which the Purchaser takes title to the property: "Every owner of the erf or any subdivision thereof or any interest therein or any unit thereon, as defined in the Sectional Titles Act, shall become and shall remain a Member of the Homeowners Association and be subject to its constitution until he ceases to be owner as aforesaid. Neither the erf nor any subdivision thereof nor any interest therein nor any unit thereon shall be transferred to any person who has not bound himself to the satisfaction of such Association to become a Member of the Homeowners Association."

            "The owner of the erf or any subdivisions thereof or any interest therein or any unit thereon as defined in the Sectional Titles Act, shall not be entitled to transfer the erf or any subdivision thereof or any interest therein or any unit thereon without a clearance certificate from the Homeowners Association that the provisions of the Articles of Association of the Homeowners Association have been complied with and that all debts, levies or imposts or fines or charges due to the HOA have been duly paid.'

            "The term "Homeowners Association" in the aforesaid conditions of the title shall mean the Kildare Estates Homeowners Association (incorporated Association not for gain). In the event of the Registrar of Deeds requiring the amendment of such conditions in any manner in order to effect registration of same, the Purchaser hereby agrees to such amendment."


J – Pets

Let your pet not be a bone of contention between you and your neighbours.


1.         The Municipal bylaws relating to pets will be strictly enforced.

2.         No Resident may keep more than 2 animals on a property without the prior written approval of the HOA.

3.         No pets are allowed to roam the streets.

4.         Dogs will not be allowed onto sidewalks and streets or onto open areas without the use of a leash in order to ensure that:-

            4.1.      other dogs are not interfered with; and/or

            4.2.      joggers and walkers are not harassed; and/or

            4.3.      dogs are not the cause of traffic accidents.

5.         Should any excrement be deposited in a public area, the immediate removal thereof shall be the obligation and sole responsibility of the pet owner.

6.         Every pet must wear a collar with a tag indicating the name, telephone number and address of its owner. Stray pets without identification tags will be apprehended and handed to the Municipal Pound or SPCA.

7.         The HOA reserves the right to require the owner to remove his pet should it become a nuisance within the Estate.

8.         Owners/residents are to ensure that their dogs / animals do not cause a noise disturbance to other residents.

9.         Owners of pets must ensure that their gardens are clean and maintained in order to ensure proper health standards within the estate.


K – Administration

A Bulldog must have some teeth, otherwise it is useless in protecting the interest of its owner.


1.         All levies are due and payable in advance, without set-off or deduction whatsoever, on the first day of each and every month.

2.         Interest will be raised on all accounts in arrears at a rate to be determined by the Directors from time to time.

3.         A further penalty, to be determined from time to time, will be imposed on any accounts which remain unpaid after 60 days. The HOA is also entitled to publish the names of such delinquent account holders.

4.         In the event of a failure to comply with these Rules, the Directors shall be entitled, after due notice to the resident concerned, to remedy such breach and thereafter to recover the cost thereof from the Owner concerned. In this regard, Owners will be held liable for the conduct of their tenants.

5.         The Directors reserve the right to take any necessary action they may deem fit in the instance of a continued contravention of a Rule, after expiry of a written notice with respect to the issue. Such action can include rectification by the HOA, the cost of which will be charged to the transgressor or imposition of a fine in terms of "L" hereto and/or legal action.

6.         Should a difference between the HOA and an owner not be resolved along normal avenues, and litigation ensue, the owner and the Directors consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate's Court.

7.         In the event of the HOA instituting any legal proceedings against any Owner or Resident of the Estate for the enforcement of any of the Rules set out herein, as amended from time to time, the HOA shall be entitled to recover all legal costs from the Owner or Resident concerned, calculated as between attorney and client.

8.         Every Owner of land on the Estate nominates domicilium citandi et executandi for the purpose of the service of any document or process necessary for the enforcement of these Rules at the address of any land, erf or cluster unit in the Estate owned by him, unless he shall have notified the HOA of another address for such service.


L - Fines and Penalties

1.         Any Owner who contravenes, breaches or fails to comply with any provisions of these Rules, conditions imposed there under or directions given in terms thereof will, inter alia, and without limitation of the HOA's rights in respect of such conduct, be subject to any penalty, fine or charge imposed by the HOA from time to time.

2.         The Owner concerned shall be liable for the payments of any fines imposed as a consequence of any breach by members of the Owner or Resident's household, employees, invitees, guests and/or tenants.

3.         Any fine imposed on a Resident shall be a debt due and payable to the HOA on delivery of written demand therefore.

4.         The fines imposed for any first offence shall be:

            4.1       for any traffic/driving/"use of streets" violations - R 500;

            4.2       for any good neighbourliness/architectural standard violation - R 750;

            4.3       for any "pleasing streetscape"/environmental management violation - R 750;

            4.4       for any security violation, including Security Guard abuse - R 1 000;

            4.5       for any pet violation - R 250;

            4.6.      postbox violation – R100;

            4.7       for any other violation - R 500;

5.         The fine for any second or subsequent offence by any person for whom such owner is liable shall be the amount set out above plus 20% compounded for each subsequent offence.


M – Arbitration

1.         Any dispute of whatsoever nature which arises out of or in connection with these Rules, including any dispute as to the validity, existence, enforceability, interpretation, implementation, breach, or enforcement of these Rules or as to any parties' rights and/or obligations in terms of these Rules shall be referred to arbitration at the instance of either party by giving written notice to the other. Such dispute shall then be submitted to arbitration in accordance with this clause and the arbitration laws for the time being in force in the Republic of South Africa.

2.         This clause shall not preclude either party from obtaining interim relief on an urgent basis from a court of competent jurisdiction, pending the decision of the arbitrator.

3.         The arbitrator shall, if the dispute is agreed in writing by the parties to be:

            3.1       Primarily an accounting matter, and independent practicing accounting of not less than ten years standing as such;

            3.2       Primarily a legal matter, an attorney of not less than 10 years standing as such or a practicing senior counsel;

            3.3       Any other matter, a suitably qualified individual person; agreed upon in writing by the parties; provided that if the parties do not within three days after the date on which arbitration is demanded, agree in writing as to the nature of the dispute and the identity of the arbitrator, the arbitrator shall, irrespective of the nature of the dispute, be appointed by the chairman of the Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa or his/her successor in title upon request by any party to make such appointment after the expiry of such three day period.

4.         The arbitration shall be held at a venue in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality and in accordance with formality and/or procedures determined by the arbitrator and may be held in an informal and summary manner, on the basis that it shall not be necessary to observe or carry out the usual formalities or procedures, pleadings and/or discovery, or the strict rules of evidence.

5.         The arbitrator shall have the power, inter alia, to:

            5.1       investigate any matter, fact or thing which he considers necessary or desirable in connection with the dispute and, for    that purpose, shall have the widest powers of investigating all the books, records, documents and other things in the     possession or under the control of any party, the tight to take copies thereof and/or make extracts there from, the right             to inspect goods and/or property of the parties and the right to have such books, records, documents, goods and/or property produced and/or delivered at any place reasonably required by him;

            5.2       summons as a witness any person who may be able to give relevant evidence. Each party undertakes to use reasonable            endeavours to procure the attendance when summoned of any witness employed by it or otherwise under its control;

            5.3       interview, question and cross-examine under oath any witness;

            5.4       record evidence;

            5.5       make an award regarding the amount and responsibility for payment of legal fees and the arbitrator's remuneration;

            5.6       call for the assistance of any other person who he may deem necessary to assist him in arriving at his decision;

            5.7       make such temporary or final order o award (including a rule nisi, a declamatory order, an order for specific      performance, an interdict and an award of damages or a penalty) as a High Court would be competent to make in the      circumstances; and

            5.8       exercise any additional powers which are conferred on him in terms of the Arbitration Act No. 42 of 1965; and to allow      or cause any of the aforementioned things to be done.

6.         The arbitration shall be held as quickly as possible after it is demanded with a view to its being completed within thirty days after it has been so demanded.

7.         Immediately after the arbitrator has been appointed, either party shall be entitled to call upon the arbitrator to fix a date and place when and where the arbitration proceedings shall be held and to settle the procedure and manner in which the arbitration proceedings will be held.

8.         Any order or award that may be made by the arbitrator:-

            8.1       shall be final and binding;

            8.2       shall be carried into effect; and

            8.3       may be made an order of any competent court.

9.         The hearing of the arbitration shall be held in camera. Save to the extent strictly necessary for the purpose of the arbitration or for any court proceedings related thereto, no party shall disclose or permit to be disclosed to any person any information concerning the arbitration or the award (including the existence of the arbitration and all process, communications, documents or evidence submitted or made available in connection therewith).


N – Paint Colours

Approved colours and combinations for the painting of units and boundary walls in Kildare Estates are:

  Cape Fynbos (Code BBO 608)   Safari Trail (Code BBO 606)   Lowveld (Code BBO 603)      
  Clifton (Code BBO 308)   Kalahari (Code BBO 310)   Namib (Code BBO 312)   Dune 4 (Code BBO 605)  
  Fever Tree (Code BBO 602)   Sahara (Code BBO 315)   Umgeni Sand (Code BBO 313)      


(These colours have been taken off the Plascon Micatex colour chart and should another type of paint be used it must be mixed to the IDENTICAL COLOUR).

Colours for window borders and detail on walls may only be painted in a colour very slightly darker or lighter than the main colour.  CONTRASTING COLOURS AND WHITE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED.  NO MORE THAN TWO COLOURS MAY BE USED. Boundary walls must be painted in the same colour as the main colour of the unit.  It is recommended that carports are also painted in the same colour as the unit as this is much more attractive than black.

Please remember that any contractors brought into the estate for painting will require access cards. Application Forms are available from the Security guardhouses or from the website – Download Here