Kildare Estate - Security

MML Security Control Room Number

011 972 9115



Standard Security Operating Procedures


Words importing: The singular number shall include the plural and the converse shall also apply. The masculine gender shall include the feminine gender and neuter genders and the neuter gender shall also include the masculine and feminine gender.  “Resident” shall be deemed to include the owner or lessee / occupier of the unit from time to time. These Conduct Rules are binding on all owners and all persons occupying any section who, in turn, are responsible for ensuring that members of their families and their tenants, invitees’ visitors and workers comply with them.




NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Resident to obtain a disk.

1.1.     Disks can be obtained by completing the Security & Information registration form (copies are available at the guard house) and returning this to the guard house. The director of safety and security or estate manager as appointed from time to time will provide necessary disks

1.2.     Disks must be conspicuously placed on the right hand (driver) side of the windscreen where it is visible to the guard.

1.3.     Disks for every resident vehicle must be obtained.


2.       REMOTES:

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Resident to obtain a remote.

2.1.     Additional remotes (blue Nova / Centurion at least 2 button) can be purchased at any reliable store and handed into the guard house accompanied with a completed Security & Information form;

2.2.     The director of safety and security or estate manager as appointed from time to time will program and return remote to requestor

2.3.     Note that the directors reserve the right to limit the amount of remotes per unit.

2.4.     Only residents of the estate will be supplied with a remote; exception may be made in special cases and at the discretion of the directors for additional remotes for non-residents.

2.5.     Residents will under no circumstance open the resident’s gate and allow their visitors to follow them into the estate or hand their remote to non-residents including but not limited to estate agents etc.



3.       ENTRY ACCESS PROCEDURE – All Person’s:

NOTE: Any person without a valid disk will be treated as a visitor.


3.1.     Residents shall enter the estate by means of opening the gate marked resident gate using their remote

3.2.     Should the resident not have a remote they are to enter via the visitor gate

3.3.     During peak hours (16h00 – 18h00 Weekdays) or high volume traffic the resident gate may be in an open position. The boom gate will be lowered and operated manually by the guard. The guard shall only open the boom for residents one at a time with valid access disk correctly displayed on their vehicle – No tailgating!                 

3.4.     Otherwise the Guard shall contact the specific unit to be visited by the means to his disposal notifying the resident about the visitor and the purpose of the visit.

3.5.     The resident shall then give consent for visitor to enter by pressing the assigned code (9) from their touch tone cellular telephone which will then open the visitor gate.

3.6. It shall be the responsibility of the guard to obtain and record the following detail either by means of scanner or entry book register.

a.                      Make of Vehicle

b.                      Registration number

c.                      Color of vehicle

d.                      Name of visitor

e.                      Time of entry

f.                       Visitor card number, and

g.                      The Guard may request the visitor to open the trunk of vehicle or bag of pedestrian and take note of items.

3.7. The visitor will be issued with a numbered visitor’s card.

3.8. Only once above points have been completed will the visitor be allowed to enter the estate.

3.9. Contractors (Domestic / Garden / Construction) that are listed on workers register by means of completed Security Information and registration form (available at security), and confirmed to be the person by way of Identification (ID) will be allowed entry into the estate. Guard will is to complete necessary entry in the visitor’s book or by means of scanning the ID document, provide a contractor card, and contractor to sign. Contractor must leave the same gate they entered.

3.10. Exception to above rule (3.9) will be made for following type of household emergencies, including but not limited to, plumbers, electricians, glass, TV or telecommunications. They will follow visitor procedure but will be provided with a contractor card. The contractor must leave the estate at the same gate they entered and return contractor card.

3.11. Construction Workers (Builders / Painters / Tilers etc.) Residents need to ensure that when they are planning to do construction work that access card application form (available at security) has been completed together with a copy of the contractors ID at least 24 hours in advance. If all is in order the resident shall be duly notified and if approved an access card will be issued to the contractors which they must return at the end of workday to the same gate they entered.

3.12. Children Transport should a resident have transport operator that collect / return their children on a daily basis they can complete an Application for access card (available at guard house) for the transport operator. The transport operator must then display this card upon entering the estate.


4.       ENTRY ACCESS PROCEDURE – Waste Collection

4.1.     The guard must open the visitor and resident gate to allow the Municipality waste truck to enter / exit the estate.


5.       ENTRY ACCESS PROCEDURE – Emergency / Local Authorities / Court Officials / Animal Inspectors

5.1.     Although the law safeguards the privacy of a person’s home, and in terms of the constitution every person has the right not to be subject to (arbitrary) searches of their person, home or property, many public officials may have the right to enter the your house for one reason or another.

5.2.     Emergency vehicles such as Ambulance, Fire Department, and SAPS are permitted within the estate without contacting the resident.

5.3.     SAPS - Although the Police Services does not always require a warrant to enter the premises, the Police are required to produce an official Police identity card whether they are in uniform or not. If no identification can be provided entry can be refused. They may enter without first contacting the resident.

5.4.     Court Officials - such as Sherriff of the Court with identification and Warrant or Court order may enter without first obtaining permission from the resident.

5.5.     Local Authorities - Officials of local authorities may enter in terms of various health and housing ordinances. They must produce documents verifying their identity and status, as well as written authorisation to enter or inspect.

5.6.     Electricity / Water - Officials from electricity / water departments may enter to read meters. They are also entitled to enter to inspect fittings, to repair faults or to cut off or reconnect the supply. However their identity documents and proof that they are employed by the department must be requested and confirmed.


5.7.     Animal Inspectors - Officials of a provincial nature conservation department or board may enter any premises without a warrant or written permission if they have good reason to suspect that an offence in terms of a particular nature conservation ordinance is being, or has been, committed there.

5.8.     Security Company / Armed response in order to perform the Services, Kildare Home Owners Association has duly authorized for the Security Personnel employed to search the person, property of a person or concern, using adequate discretion in so doing, subject to due cause therefore and subject to no undue force or violence being used. Kildare Home Owners Association also authorizes the Security Personnel employed in terms of section 42(3) of the Criminal Procedures Act No 51 of 1977, as amended; to arrest any person found committing a criminal offence on or in respect of the client’s premises or any part thereof.

5.9.     A (Red Pen) entry should be made in occurrence book should any of the above points take place.



6.       EXIT PROCEDURE – All persons

NOTE: Residents – Please give your visitor a pass out for gifts or any other valuable item(s) intended to be taken out.

6.1.     Visitors / Contractors should exit the same gate that they entered in order to return card and their time of exit will be recorded either manually or by means of scanner.

6.2.     The visitor card will be collected from the visitor and the gate and boom will be opened for one vehicle at a time. No tailgating!

6.3.     The guard can request the visitor to open the trunk of the car or a bag in the case of pedestrian

6.4.     If any suspicious items are noted in the bag or trunk that was not present when entering the estate the guard will not allow exit until a pass out for the items have been provided for the items in question.

6.5.     If the visitor is unable to provide a pass out, the guard shall contact the resident that was visited and clear out the matter with them.

Examples of suspicious items may include but not limited to

(Televisions, electronic equipment, vehicle spare wheels ……).

6.6.     If no suspicious items are noted the guard shall let the visitor sign out and record time of departure

6.7.     The guard needs to ensure that this is being done in full view of CCTV camera

6.8.     During peak hours (06h00 – 08h00 Weekdays) or high volume traffic the exit gate may be in an open position. The boom gate will be lowered and operated manually by the guard. The guard shall only open the boom for one vehicle at a time.



7.1.     All equipment used by the estate must be tested by each guard during shift change over, this includes but is not limited to camera systems, gate motors, boom gates, security fence energizers, radio, intercom system, lights etc. An entry (black pen) should be made in the occurrence book to this effect.

7.2.     If any equipment (owned or not owned by Security Company) becomes dysfunctional during the course of the shift this must be reported to the control room and to the estate manager or director of safety and security as appointed from time to time. An entry (red pen) to that effect must be made in the occurrence book.

7.3.     Any Incident security related incident must be recorded in the occurrence book (red pen) and the control room as well as the estate manager or director of safety and security as appointed from time to time must be informed immediately of the incident, including but not limited to:

a.                 Suspicious cars or behavior by any pedestrian;

b.                 Non communications with control room;

c.                 No communications with resident;

d.                 Broken lights around gate, road, perimeter fence;

e.                 Any faulty equipment (gates, camera system); and

f.                  Power Outage (Load shedding) and also when power is restored again.

7.4.     Should there be a complaint by residents or the guard is witness to misconduct by any resident or their visitors / contractors including but not limited to, speeding, disorderly conduct etc. The guard must where reasonably possible record such occurrence with as much information as possible in the occurrence book and notify estate manager.



8.       GENERAL

8.1.     No sleeping while on shift!

8.2.     Guards may be granted access to classified and personal information. The guards are accountable and responsible to protect such information while they are discharging their assigned duties or afterwards.

8.3.     The guard should not give out any personal information of any resident such as name unit number, telephone number vehicle details etc. to anyone!

8.4.      Booms and or gates should be in closed position at all times; the guard is responsible for ensuring correct entry exit procedures are adhered to by residents and visitors.

8.5.     Guard shall patrol and clock during regular intervals as indicated from time to time as agreed during working hours.

8.6.     Guard shall record illegally parked vehicles as required by Home Owners Association from time to time.

8.7.     No unauthorized persons will be allowed in guard house and guard is not allowed visitors at any time.

8.8.     Guard house must be kept in a clean and respectable condition at all times.

8.9.     Items of a personal nature should not be left at the guard house. The Home Owners Association and Security Company appointed will not accept any liability against damage or theft howsoever caused.



9.1.     If there has been a total power failure and the gate motors are no longer functioning on batteries. The guard must unlock the gate motor(s) in question and secure the padlocks. The securing handle on the gate motor casing as well as the control switch on the gate motor must both be placed in a downward position and locked

9.2.     The booms must be in lowered position and operated manually.



Note: Owners – please inform the guard when your unit is for sale or to let. The agency responsible for the sale or letting should also be provided to security.

10.1. Advertising will only be allowed in the dedicated advertisement space which will be provided for.

10.2. No advertising is allowed on the side walk or outside perimeter wall.

10.3. No resident may display any signage of any nature outside their dwelling or property without the written consent of the directors. (See conduct rules section D6)

10.4. On the day when the house is on show, the Estate agents can, place their advertising sign boards at the entrance and sidewalk of the premises being sold. All signs placed during show must be removed when they leave the estate.



The rules are there to protect all residents of Kildare Estates. It is therefore important that we all adhere to the same rules without exceptions.


Any resident who contravenes, breaches or fails to comply with any provisions of these Rules, conditions imposed there under or directions given in terms thereof will, inter alia, and without limitation of the Home Owners Association’s rights in respect of such conduct, be subject to any penalty, fine or charge imposed by the Home Owners Association from time to time.